Video - Dr.Samir Sinha "Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments"

Learn a variety of practical tips and tools for performing geriatric assessments

Video - K. Jennifer Ingram - "Capacity Assessments"

A practical Guide to Ontario Legislation Related to Capacity

Video - Dr. Camilla Wong "Functional Decline"

Dr. Wong presents on functional decline as we age, the importance of accurate risk assessment, linking to evidence-based risk reduction interventions, and recommendations for the identification of seniors at risk (ISAR)

Video - Dr. Marilyn Reed - “Hearing and Aging: What can we do about it?”

Dr. Reed examines the prevalence of age-related hearing loss, types and causes of hearing loss, the effects on speech understanding, treatment options, and hearing aid evaluation and prescription

Video - Dr. Erika Weir - “Vision Loss in the Elderly”

Dr. Weir discusses the four leading causes of vision loss in the elderly, including definitions, signs and symptoms, risk factors and prevention, tests and treatment plans

Video - Dr. Barry Goldlist - “Chronic Disease Management”

Learn how to assess, manage and treat chronic disease in your elderly patients

Video - Dr. George Heckman - “Chronic Heart Disease”

Learn about the aspects of Heart Failure pertinent to elderly patients, and review key elements of Heart Failure management

Video - Wendy Bileski-Weir - “2013 CDA Diabetes Guidelines with a Geriatric Focus”

Wendy Bileski-Weir develops a greater awareness of the 2013 CDA guidelines specific to geriatric care, enhances the knowledge on changes specific to geriatric populations including: AIC targets, glucometer testing, avoidance of hypoglycemia and effective

Video - Dr. Frank Molnar - “Dementia”

A comprehensive examination of how to identify, assess and treat geriatric patients in the early and late stages of dementia

Video - Dr. Camilla Wong - “Delirium”

Learn how to identify, manage, and prevent delirium in the elderly

Video - Dr. Leslie Wisenfeld - “Behavioural Issues”

Learn about a biopsychosocial approach to managing behavioural symptoms in the elderly which stem from various situations, triggers and disorders

Video - Dr. Robert Madan - “Depression in Late Life”

Learn the key symptoms and treatment modalities of depression, and recognize the common side effects of antidepressants in the elderly

Video - Dr. Robert Madan “Geriatric Mental Health: Risks for Suicide”

Dr. Madan outlines the risk and protective factors for suicide in older adults, describes an approach for risk assessment and outlines plans for effective intervention

Video - Dr. Arielle Berger and Dr. Katherine Berg - “Falls and Immobility”

Learn how to identify and assess the risks associated with functional decline in the elderly, and review approaches to promote safe mobility and fall prevention

Video - Dr. Maureen Ash - “Falls and Fracture Prevention”

An overview on low trauma fractures and falls including: the importance of the fracture risk assessment, features of fall prevention exercise interventions, and best practices for fall prevention from British Columbia.

Video - Monica Menecola - “Geriatrics Insights: Falls, Osteoporosis and Fractures”

An examination of the connection between osteoporosis, fractures and falls, interventions for facture prevention and the consequences of fractures and how they impact geriatric patients.

Video - Dr. Lucia Gagliese - “Pain Assessment and Management in Older Persons”

Learn valuable techniques to access, manage and prevent pain in older adults.

Video - Dr. Jennifer Skelly - “Incontinence”

Learn about the multiple facets of incontinence and the factors that contribute to it, and find out how to best assess and manage incontinence in patients.

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