The purpose of this toolkit is to provide some foundational information and learning resources related to Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment.  Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment is an essential element of an Assess and Restore approach to care, and is the gold standard in best practice for managing frailty in older adults. 

This toolkit was created by the South West Assess and Restore project team, in consultation with Specialized Geriatric Services clinicians, and with the clinical expertise of Dr. Alexandrea Peel, to support self-directed learning for health care professionals interested in implementing best practice care for older adults.  

Older adults who receive a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment are more likely to remain living independently in their home, are like less likely to experience functional deterioration, and are more likely to experience improved cognition  1

The structure of this toolkit leverages the CGA Standardization work currently being completed by the Regional Geriatric Programs of Ontario.  This work has identified the Assessment domains and key areas of competency for completing a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment.  

A Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment includes:
-    Physical Assessment
-    Social History 
-    Functional History
-    Medical History

and involves a Geriatric Review of Systems, including:
-    Falls
-    Cognition 
-    Sleep
-    Pain
-    Polypharmacy 
-    Mood / Mental Health
-    Nutrition
-    Continence

This toolkit provides an introduction to these domains, information on evidence–based screening and assessment tools, and links to additional resources and on-line education modules for health care providers who want to learn more about Geriatric Syndromes and Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment.

This toolkit does not replace formal education or experience in geriatric healthcare, nor is the information contained intended to provide specific health related advice for any individual, and should not be relied upon in that regard.

For more information on the CGA Standardization project or Specialized Geriatric Services, visit the Regional Geriatric Programs of Ontario website, http://rgps.on.ca/

  1. Ellis G, Whitehead MA, O’Neill D, Langhorne P, Robinson D. Comprehensive geriatric assessment for older adults admitted to hospital. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2011, Issue 7