Frailty eLearning Module - “Falls”

GiiC Toolkit - “Falls”

Video - Dr. Arielle Berger and Dr. Katherine Berg - “Falls and Immobility”

Learn how to identify and assess the risks associated with functional decline in the elderly, and review approaches to promote safe mobility and fall prevention

Video - Dr. Maureen Ash - “Falls and Fracture Prevention”

An overview on low trauma fractures and falls including: the importance of the fracture risk assessment, features of fall prevention exercise interventions, and best practices for fall prevention from British Columbia.

Video - Monica Menecola - “Geriatrics Insights: Falls, Osteoporosis and Fractures”

An examination of the connection between osteoporosis, fractures and falls, interventions for facture prevention and the consequences of fractures and how they impact geriatric patients.

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