Setting the Stage

It is helpful to use a data collection tool to gather all of the information from your patient as part of a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment. These tools will help healthcare providers pull together a comprehensive clinical picture, and ensure all of the common geriatric syndromes are being addressed.

The CGA Template and NorthEast Assess and Restore templates below can be use to guide the process and record important assessment findings. These templates were developed by North East Specialized Geriatric Services and Dr. Alexandrea Peel and are shared with permission. They can be downloaded and adapted, as needed, for clinical use.

When possible, it can be helpful to have a patient and/or their caregiver complete a pre assessment. This can help gather pertinent information about medical/surgical; social; and functional history. The New Patient Questionnaire was developed by Dr. Sinha (Geriatrician) can be used as a pre-assessment questionnaire or to guide history taking as part of the CGA.