Frailty eLearning Module - “Depression”

Giic - Depression

Geriatrics Interprofessional Interorganizational Collaboration

Video - Dr. Robert Madan - “Depression in Late Life”

Learn the key symptoms and treatment modalities of depression, and recognize the common side effects of antidepressants in the elderly

Video - Dr. Robert Madan “Geriatric Mental Health: Risks for Suicide”

Dr. Madan outlines the risk and protective factors for suicide in older adults, describes an approach for risk assessment and outlines plans for effective intervention

Keywords Cognition (6)
Continence (4)
Falls (5)
Frailty eLearning (6)
Mood/Mental Health (4)
Nutrition (5)
Pain (4)
Physical (5)
Polypharmacy (6)
Video (18)

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